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Kamis, 07 Mei 2009

Gameloft experimenting with Facebook games

We've written a lot about Facebook games in recent months, and specifically the efforts made by Digital Chocolate, I-play and others to promote their mobile games by launching free-to-play versions on Facebook.

Quietly, Gameloft joined their ranks a few months ago, with the release of a Facebook version of its Brain Challenge brain training game.

It appears to offer mini-games along the same lines as the mobile version, with comments indicating it's been live since March or April. However, with 164 daily active users (4 per cent of its total install base), it's seemingly an experiment rather than a full push into social media.

In an interview with PG.biz yesterday (to be published later this week), Gameloft's Gonzague de Vallois expressed caution about social games, saying that the publisher is following the area, while stressing that it's not clear how to best monetise it.

Having a toe in the water with the Brain Challenge app will presumably help in that process, with Gameloft clearly keen to explore any new platform that may be suitable for its games.

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