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Kamis, 19 November 2009

FishVille Game Facebook

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We were sort of surprised to discover how many of you proclaim your love for FarmVille, the social farming sim game from Zynga. We reported that the company had trademarked the name FishVille last month, and speculated that an aquatic derivative of the wildly popular social game might be in the works.

And indeed it was, with FishVille launching in beta today. It’s a bit of a late contender to the aquarium games space, with Happy Aquarium, Fish World and My Fishbowl all getting a head start. Nevertheless, Zynga has enough clout in the social games space to make FishVille a quick winner in all likelihood. With an estimated $200 million in revenue this year, it’s arguably the most successful of the companies in the space along with Playfish, Playdom, and others.

FishVille released in Facebook. The Beta release was November 6, 2009 and was seen as a success there are 6,405,949 monthly active users already listed. The concept is simple and instead of having to sit on your fish you can check in with them every little bit and feed them and purchase items for your tank.

If you are looking for a less time consuming game on Facebook then FishVille game for you. It is very similar to all the other Zynga games in construction. There are levels and those unlock new fish and items for your tank. It is a fun game that should be a nice addition to the other Zynga games.

There are new fish and plants coming out on a regular basis and other items to decorate your Fish tank and these can be given as gifts to your neighbors. Bonus points will be given once you have gotten some neighbors. Since Zynga is the creator of FarmVille, Cafe World, Mafia Wars and YoVille people are speculating on how similar the game will feel to those aforementioned games.

Zynga has found quite a lucrative audience on Facebook and MySpace and seems to be continuing in that field.

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